We are warfighters, engineers and technologists. We are MBAs, visual artists, creatives and lawyers. We even have a few actors, and of course a dog.

Together, we make up Red 6.

We have come together because we share a common love for this country, a common respect for our armed services, and a passion for solving extremely complex technical problems that matter.

We are driven by the personal passion of our founder and CEO to solve a national security problem that is threatening the readiness of our warfighters; a chronic lack of relevant, affordable training, delivered at scale and frequency.

We believe that the solution to the future of training lies in the ability to blend the best of simulation with the necessity to experience the cognitive loads on human beings by doing the job for real. The answer is to create adaptive, immersive, simulated environments, outdoors.

The enabling technology…well that’s the magic we’ve created here at Red 6.


Red 6 Leadership


Daniel Robinson

  • Red 6 Board Director
  • RAF Pilot
  • 1st non-American to fly the F-22
  • Led UK corporation’s turn-around as CEO
  • RAF College Cranwell, MBA Georgetown University

Thomas “Guns” Bergeson

  • 3 Star General
  • Deputy Commander of US Central Command
  • Fighter pilot with over 3500 hours in the F15, F22 and A10
  • Other key assignments include Director of US Air Force Operational Requirements, Director of Air Force Legislative Liaison, and Defense Attaché in US Embassy, London.
  • COO of a unicorn startup in New York City, helping the company go public on the NYSE and grow revenue $1B year over year.

Glenn Snyder

  • Inventor of the 1st live, virtual Auto Race
  • Interactive technical director for brands such as: Google, Jordan and Verizon
  • VFX for Ender’s Game, Star Wars, & Transformers
  • Savannah College of Art and Design

Steve O’Dea

  • Amazon GM and Technology Director for innovative new business
  • Ran new platform and technology development for iRobot
  • Led development of autonomous telepresence robots and Roomba smart mapping technology
  • Computer Engineering Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MBA Boston University

Maissan Almaskati

  • Red 6 Board Director
  • Managing Director, Private Equity at DIC
  • Investment banker for Bank of America
  • University of Warwick, MBA Georgetown University

Kevin “Uncle” Fesler

  • 24 years in the USAF, commanded the 94th Fighter Squadron and other USAF groups
  • Over 3K hours in the F-15E Strike Eagle and more than 800 hours in the F-22A Raptor
  • Held leadership roles at Top Aces, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and Pratt & Whitney
  • MBA Darden Business School

Kevin “Fumez” Huyck

  • USAF Retired Major General
  • Director of Ops at NORTHCOM, ACC, NORAD, and NATO Air Command
  • Initial F-22 Operational Test cadre, F-15C Weapons School Instructor
  • USAFA Computer Science, MS Strategic Studies NDU

Lt Petey Robinson

  • Youngest employee in Red 6 history
  • Miniature Golden Doodle
  • Creative problem solver with a pawsitive attitude
  • Confident that a promotion is just around the corner

Christina Bonarrigo

  • Former Chief of Staff for a publicly traded company
  • BA degree in political science and MS in management with a certificate in political campaigns from the University of Florida
  • 10+ years as political strategist for family offices
  • Former Student Body President at the University of Florida

Christina Birkhead


Red 6 Board Members


General Mike “Mobile” Holmes

  • 4 Star General
  • Former Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans & Requirements at Headquarters Air Force
  • Former commander of Air Combat Command
  • 4,000+ hours flying experience
  • 530+ combat hours in the F-15A/B/C/D/E
Bill Moran

Admiral Bill Moran

  • Retired 4 Star Admiral with over thirty-eight years of service
  • Former Vice Chief of Naval Operations
  • Former Chief of Naval Personnel
  • Former Director of Air Warfare
  • Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy
  • Master of Science degree in National Security Studies from the National War College

Kelly Perdew

  • General Partner at Moonshots Capital
  • Invested in 100+ early-stage companies, acting as board member or advisor to many
  • Graduated from West Point, JD/MBA from UCLA
  • Served three years as a Military Intelligence Officer
  • Winner of Season 2 of The Apprentice

Doug Philippone

  • Head of Global Defense – Palantir
  • Served as an Army Ranger, deployed 6 times
  • Commanded multiple Joint Special Operations Command outstations in support of the Global War on Terror
  • B.S. from West Point, Studied machine learning at MIT
  • Masters in Terrorism Operations & Finance from Naval Post Graduate School
Julia Wittlin

Julia Wittlin

  • Partner at RedBird Capital, leads the firm’s venture and emerging growth investment vertical
  • Previously spent 15 years at BlackRock, most recently as a Managing Director and senior portfolio manager within BlackRock Alternative Investors
  • B.A. from the University of Rochester & a Certificate in Mathematical Modeling.
  • CFA, CAIA, and FRM designation holder

Nate Redmond

  • Managing partner at Alpha Edison
  • MSE & BSE from the University of Michigan
  • Entrepreneurial Fellow in the Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program
  • MBA from Harvard Business School