Red 6 Across Industries

The Augmented Future is Here

Red 6 Across Industries

With Red 6’s best-in-class augmented reality visor, AI driven multi-player network, and biometric feedback loops, we can deliver an optimized experience in countless industries such as entertainment, sports, and medicine.

Red 6 Theme Parks

With 4K full color optics capable of being used outdoors in dynamic environments, Red 6 seamlessly integrates augmented imagery into the real world. Park and entertainment providers can now create unconstrained customized experiences specific to the individual customer.

Red 6 Enables an Outdoor Metaverse

For the Metaverse to truly be meaningful, it must be persistent across the physical and virtual worlds. Our unique technology acts as the gateway to this reality. Bringing new possibilities to the next generation of entertainment.

Red 6 and Sports

Whether its practice or live action, Augmented Reality can enhance player and viewer experiences. Live and virtual interactions are now possible between players and fans, introducing a revolutionary dynamic to sporting entertainment.

  • Increased reps against virtual opponents
  • Heads up data and viewer interaction
  • Combine historical and live events


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