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Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System

ATARS is a multi-node, all-domain, augmented reality (AR) system that enables a complete LVC ecosystem for multiple users, from beyond visual range (BVR) to within visual range (WVR) in dynamic environments.

A Revolutionary Approach to Augmented Reality

A Revolutionary Approach to Augmented Reality

Utilizing an extremely low-latency protocol that is waveform and network agnostic, ATARS delivers the high-speed data passage necessary to create a seamless, multi-player, augmented reality experience viewed through a full-color, wide field of view, and high-resolution display.

  • Visible outdoors and in full daylight environments
  • Low-latency in high-speed, dynamic use cases

  • Highest field of view with full color
  • Enables a multi-player environment

Turning Science Fiction Into Reality

160 H


1.8 %


18000 nits


10 ms


Our EVE Headset (Enhanced Visual Environment) is a transformational leap in wearable augmented reality technology. Previously there has been no means by which virtual assets could be visually represented in the real world, outdoors, and at high speeds. Red 6’s EVE hardware is the brightest headset available, allowing for outdoor use in full daylight and, critically, in high-speed environments.


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