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the significance behind red 6

This startup uses augmented reality to train fighter pilots 

A CNBC’s Morgan Brennan spoke with Daniel Robinson, Red 6 founder and CEO, and takes a deeper look at the technology. 

USAF pilots could soon be training against virtual enemy aircraft

A startup led by retired fighter pilot Daniel Robinson is developing augmented reality technology to revolutionize the way USAF pilots train for combat.

Former fighter pilot & PoW aims to help improve training with AR

Captain Charlie Plumb, a retired fighter pilot for the navy, talks about how Red 6 can improve training for America’s next combat aviators. 


The United States Air Force is at its lowest state of readiness in twenty-five years. Currently, two thousand pilots short and with a requirement to double the number of training sorties by 2030, the current approach to training is in crisis. Air Dominance is not our pre-ordained right, it is hard earned only by providing our warfighters with the finest equipment and finest training available anywhere in the world. Right now, we don’t have budgets, the assets, or people to win. We must do something differently.


Red 6 has developed Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS)  a revolutionary approach to Augmented Reality (AR) that now enables it to work outdoors and critically, in high speed, dynamic environments. This technological breakthrough enables a new paradigm in air combat training, unleashing the full potential of Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training by bringing the V and the C assets into the real world, facilitating within visual range maneuvering against synthetic threats.


Increasing readiness and lethality, while driving value and efficiency, ATARS provides a dedicated Red Air training resource to every squadron, allowing unlimited, synthetic training against near-peer adversaries. This reduces the training burden on squadron personnel and aircraft, and allows finite resources to be focused on executing the mission at hand. Furthermore, by providing training optionality to commanders across the joint environment, ATARS is a technology that will scale to support Multi-Domain Operations.


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Red 6 has developed ATARS which enables Augmented Reality to work outdoors and in dynamic environments – this is the genesis of the next big inflection point in mobile computing.

Disrupting the AR Market

By using both the indoor AND outdoor space around us as a medium, ATARS fundamentally redefines how the world will experience, share, and interact with information. A ubiquitous, augmented reality future is now a possibility.


This is a social,human and business revolution."

Daniel Robinson, CEO